YES-EU To Deliver 26 All-Electric Buses to Pohjolan Liikenne in Tampere Finland

Helsinki, Vantaa and Turku – YES-EU is pleased to announce, together with its charger subsidiary Enerqo, it has been awarded an important contract for the supply of charging stations in Finland with Nobina.

As the largest and most experienced public transport company in the Nordic region, Nobina develops public transport solutions that meet the need for renewable and more fossil-free modes of transportation. The company’s expertise in acquiring, tendering and actively managing public bus transport contracts, combined with long-term delivery quality, makes it the industry leader that promotes a healthier eco-friendly industry. 

YES-EU in cooperation with Enerqo, has delivered an impressive amount of 7200 kW and 144 charging points to Nobina in 3 different depots. The delivery consists of 6 charging containers with 1200 kW, each with CCS2 standard and 24 charging guns.

This delivery underlines the service and product range of YES-EU and Enerqo, which are able to offer various products and services according to the requirements of the market. 

The electrification of public transport is indeed progressing faster than one might have expected. The operating costs of electric bus fleets have recently become competitive compared to diesel buses, and intelligently designed charging infrastructure plays an important role in this equation.

YES-EU and Enerqo are proud to be part of this yet another successful sustainable project, with their combined technology, solutions and experience.