Delivery of 33 YES-EU All-Electric Buses and Charging Equipment to Pohjolan Liikenne

Pohjolan Liikenne HSL47

HSL, Finland Capital area – YES-EU made the first-ever fully commercially driven zero-emission delivery agreement in Finland, together with the second largest public bus operator Pohjolan Liikenne. A total of 33 new-generation YES-EU electric busses with length of 12 metres were successfully handed over to the Finnish bus company Pohjolan Liikenne in the Helsinki region on July 7th 2019. The delivery included 33 units of Yutong E12 2-axle city buses with 374kWh batteries. The buses are in full operation since August 10th 2019 on several routes in the Finnish capital area and complement the company’s fleet of environmentally friendly all-electric buses.

Pohjolan Liikenne is one of the largest bus companies and a pioneer of zero-emission electric bus transport in Finland. This delivery was the first large-scale electric bus project in Finland. Pohjolan Liikenne renews their fleet and uses modern solutions and technologies to reduce their carbon footprint. The all-electric buses produce no emissions during transport and are fully charged with renewable energy.

YES-EU is extremely proud the trust placed by Pohjolan Liikenne towards itself, and we take great pride to say that the busses and charging stations were delivered on time, and the busses we put in operation successfully and on time. They have been praised to be quiet, comfortable and very reliable.

The delivery in the Finnish capital HSL also included a total of 1830kW of charging power on two different depots. YES-EU Charging equipment subsidiary, Enerqo, delivered one 1080kW charging container with 24 charging guns, and one 750kW charging container with 10 charging guns. These systems are equipped with the high-level charging technology and have impressive features such as: Pre-Heat Support Functions, OCPP 1.6, Power Allocation, Automatic Charging Start, etc.