YES-EU Participates in the Construction of One of Europe’s Largest Battery Storage Systems in Finland



YES-EU is proud to participate in the installation and commissioning of one of Europe’s largest Battery Storage Systems (BESS) in Finland in spring 2022.


A secure battery energy storage ensures an uninterrupted electricity supply in Finland. The battery energy storage is used as backup power in the event of a disturbance, during peak demands, power outages, and in a variety of other applications. In this way, the waste of excess electricity is prevented and the reliability of the power system is maintained.  


This BESS system contains an impressive 88MWh of energy storage capability. The 88-megawatt battery storage system will further support the stability of Finland’s energy grid and help the country meet its climate goals.



The battery energy storage system will be commissioned in spring 2022


The LFP batteries used in this project are manufactured by YES-EU’s long-standing partner CATL. CATL is a global leader in innovative new energy technologies, providing world-class solutions and services for new energy applications worldwide.


The discharge rate of the battery is 1C, with an estimated system lifetime of 15+ years. 


The complete system consists of several BESS cubes connected in parallel and in series to achieve the desired system. The entire system is to be connected to the national grid and serve as an energy reserve, frequency regulator and to balance the power feed-in from the nearby power plant.


With this project YES-EU marks another milestone in its many years of experience in delivering similar solutions to industrial and commercial sites, offering a wealth of options with various storage capacities and for every application and budget.