Energy Storage Services

The energy storage solution is optimal and tailored to the customer’s power
consumption with modular and flexible energy storage products.
Through the integrated energy management
cloud based on Big Data and AI technologies, we provide intelligent analysis, operation and maintenance services for battery storage
power plants. The cloud can flexibly access various wind,
PV and charging stations and perform systematic provisioning to optimise performance.

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Customised Energy Storage Solutions

Professional and customised energy storage solutions for various industries:

◆ IT industry ESS: data centres, etc.

◆ Transportation Industry ESS: buses, airports, ports, etc.

◆ Traditional Energy Industry ESS: oil fields, etc.

◆ Mobile ESS

Utilisation of Retired EV Batteries

With our advanced system integration capability and supply chain advantages, we can provide our customers with a system for full lifecycle management and battery monitoring applications, discovering and increasing the value of batteries.

The AC multi-module parallel technology and integrated multi-branch design solution are used. 

End-of-life EV batteries can be used without disassembly after testing and easy processing, which greatly reduces the difficulty of use and improves the convenience of system maintenance.

Operation & Maintenance

◆ We offer maintenance services for all types of energy storage systems.

◆ Integration of visualisation, Big Data analysis and expert systems based on real-time data.

◆ With intelligent O&M (operation and maintenance) and lean management, the efficiency of the energy storage facility and ROI (return on investment) are improved.


Standard Containerized ESS 

Independently developed by Integrated Energy, the smart energy storage system uses the world’s leading integration technology to unify the modules of the energy storage system.

It can be modularised and adapted to the needs of different scenarios.


Innovative Modular Energy Storage Unit 

◆ Power unit: integrates lithium batteries (including retired EV batteries), standard and customised racks and BMS 17/18.

◆ Control unit: integrates PCS, EMS and other control devices

◆ Auxiliary unit: integrates thermal management system and electrical system,fire control system and cabinet structure

Enterprise Energy Management

We specialise in comprehensive energy cost management and offer business services such as power distribution maintenance and energy management. Through the integrated energy management cloud based on Big Data, IoT and AI technologies, we offer comprehensive energy solutions for various businesses.

Maintenance Services for Electricity Distribution 

Based on power simulation technology, we offer a turnkey solution for monitoring and controlling power grids using advanced equipment such as computers, communication devices and measurement protection devices.

Intelligent power supply and maintenance services can make power consumption safer and more convenient, prevent power accidents, reduce power supply risk, reduce business operating costs and improve overall business competitiveness.