About US

YES   Stands for positive thinking.   The way forward. Embracing the opportunity and freedom.

   “Delta”  is a greek letter which mean Changeable.  Nothing is same from 1 moment to next. 

E stands for Electrified…    Exiting, thrilling, motivate atmosphere in most positive way possible. 

U stands for Universe   That is everything around us with no limits.  The universe is endless.  

YES to Changeable  Electrified Universe   =   YES∆EU

Our Logo

The logo of YES-EU is a symbol for Positive Energy,  e-motility and strength. 

It is based on triple orbits around a triple pyramid. The triplicity is a reference to the three phase AC electrical current that drives e-motility. It also reflects the movement of electrons within an atom.


In human history the colour of green has always been the symbol for positivity, life and renewal. From times ancient the pyramid shape has symbolized strength.

Green as a base colour also honours the legacy of the original family company, GT Group, founded in 1969, that eventually gave rise to YES-EU. It is still known for the green colour on all its buses.

The logo therefore encapsulates positive strength, electrical motility and at the same time refers to the Company´s future, present and the past.


Here I like to show visually, the difference between 1 triangle and 3 triangles. Those pictures show how the triangle is divided equally in 360 degree. Only one times triangle can repeat it self. It is when you have 3 divided in 360 degree. It is in fact very interesting pattern. It hold also a very unique numbers. 3, 6 and 9. It is the reason I draw it as I did three triangles inside each other. It is the only way to show this.