Charging Solutions

Product Description

The charging system consists of three functional modules, the gun charging, charging bow and network return inverter. It is suitable for setting up a quick charging station at the beginning/end of the route.

Product features


The YESEUVQC series EV fast chargers have a European standard interface that integrates setting control, management, interrogation, display, remote monitoring and other functions. The entire charging process is subject to intelligent control. With dual connector and optional charging modes, the units are the ideal choice for fast charging in large bus parks, motorway service areas, EV charging stations, etc.

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Description                                Standard Parameter

Rated Power (kW)                                            360kW

Connector                                                             1~6

Output Voltage (VDC)                                   200~1000

Output Current                                                  CCS Single Gun: 200A (Max)

Unattended operation

Automatic charging after plugging in, easy to operate; fault alarm and emergency call, no manual check is required.

Matrix Flexible Charging Pile is a highly integrated system that combines all or part of the charging modules of the electric vehicle charging station into a success pool, performs central monitoring and planning, dynamically and automatically adjusts the optimal number of charging modules to the actual power demand of the electric vehicles during the charging process, and quickly charges multiple electric vehicles.

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The YESEU VQC series allows it's users

Advantages of YESEU VQC Series