YES-EU To Deliver 26 All-Electric Buses to Pohjolan Liikenne in Tampere Finland

Tampere, Finland – YES-EU has received an order from Pohjolan Liikenne in Finland for a total of 26 all-electric buses. Pohjolan Liikenne is one of the largest bus operators and a pioneer of electric bus transport in Finland. Currently, Pohjolan Liikenne has 82 YES-EU electric buses delivered and operating in the Helsinki area and will now further expand to new operating areas with YES-EU.

YES-EU and Pohjolan Liikenne already have a well-established business relationship and this is not the first order of all-electric buses at YES-EU. Successful deliveries of electric busses and charging systems supplied by YES-EU have been done repeatedly since summer of 2019. The successful integration of the all-electric buses from YES-EU into Pohjolan Liikenne’s growing environmentally friendly fleet has led to more of these repeat orders.

In this latest order, YES-EU delivered a total of 26 all-electric buses on April 21st 2022, which are scheduled to enter service in June 2022. The zero-emission vehicles will be used in Finland’s second largest city, Tampere. 

The delivery comprises a total of 17 units of Yutong E15 electric 3-axle city buses with 563kWh batteries and 9 units of Yutong E12 2-axle city buses with 350kWh batteries. YES-EU electric buses implement elegant and improved interior and exterior materials to make the vehicles even more aesthetically appealing, all the while providing a comfortable and safe atmosphere for passengers.

While safety and comfort for passengers and drivers are top priorities, YES-EU also has innovative systems that incorporate the latest smart charging technology. These include impressive features such as: dual charging, pre-heating support functions, OCPP 1.6, full power allocation, automatic charge start, etc.

With the delivery of the 26 all-electric buses, YES-EU expands its presence and services to yet another city in Finland. This means that YES-EU is now present in all 3 largest cities in Finland and proudly serves its customers in all major city bus operating areas in Finland.