YES-EU short introduction

YES-EU is a group of companies with special focus on new energy projects and
related services for Europe.

YES-EU has base in bus building and services since 1969. In 2012 the group successfully re-focused on e-mobility. It has since become an important player in introducing e-buses with related e-service units into public transport in Europe with over 600 units of E-buses delivered or sold with full service, high voltage service, warranty service and batteries service.

The group is working closely with premium battery and e-bus producers in China such as CATL.

YES-EU core products

Electric buses:

• Sold over 600 in Europe
• Different sizes of buses
and charging solutions.
• Long life time
operation (10-20

Batteries service

• Long-term contract
• Service solution for
• Certified specialists

DC fast chargers:

• Sold throughout
• Unique technology
• Total charging solution.

Energy Storage System:

• From 10kwh to 2Mwh
• Liquid Cooling system
• Unique technology


YES-EU has R&D teams placed in Europe and China with special focus on environmental
We have implemented ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and ISO 14040 and ISO 14044, will soon
to be ready.
Certificated battery service and workshops to cover the service in Europe.
Analysis center is providing non-stop real-time information and a state-of-the-art battery
Fleet Management Software

Growth in Europe

With strong base and flexibility YES-EU will grow fast in Europe together
with our client needs. Flexible service options atour clients workshops or at our own workshops up to our clients need. Specially built batteries service rooms that fulfill all law and regulations.