YES-EU Delivers First All-Electric Coaches in Scandinavia

YES-EU Is part of another important delivery. This time of the first all-electric coaches in Scandinavia, which are now in use in Oslo.

As the first bus company in Norway, Oslo Buss has started to phase out fossil fuel buses and use all-electric coaches instead. Customers and society in general expect a green environmental profile and an investment like this benefits society as a whole.

YES-EU has successfully delivered 6 units of the new generation of 12-metre buses and will deliver four more units by the end of the summer 2022. This is an important milestone for zero-emission transport that will contribute to better air quality, less noise and a more comfortable and quiet journey.

Fitted with 422kWh batteries, the vehicles are capable of daily operational range of over 370kms on a single charge subject to their specific operational conditions. Heating and cooling systems are also electric, making the buses completely emission-free. The buses are charged overnight and are ready for a full day’s use after 4 hours of normal fast charging.

Driver and passenger comfort is second to none, and electric air conditioning complements the quiet travel experience.

The vehicles are used in normal traffic for school transport and other tasks in the region, e.g. as replacement buses for trains. Drivers, service personnel and the passengers are very pleased to now be able to choose an environmentally friendly mode of travel.