Delivery of 4 YES-EU All-Electric Buses and Charging Equipment to Tammelundin Liikenne

Tammelundin Liikenne 2021

HSL, Finland Capital Region – YES-EU together with Tammelundin Liikenne is delighted to announce yet another agreement for the delivery of zero emission vehicles in Finland. A total of 4 units of YES-EU electric buses with a length of 15 metres were delivered to the Finnish bus company Tammelundin Liikenne, which provides the regional transport in Helsinki for the public transport authority HSL. The delivery, which took place on 15 December 2021, highlights the benefits of the impressive 15-metre electric city bus. The delivery included 4 units of Yutong E15 3-axle city buses with 563kWh water-cooled batteries. The buses are in operation on several routes in Helsinki and increase Tammelundin Liikenne’s investment in environmentally friendly all-electric buses.

The 15-metre YES-EU electric bus already has extensive experience in HSL, which reinforced Tammelundin Liikenne’s conviction that E15 could easily meet HSL’s requirements and the often difficult operating conditions in Finland. The project was a great success. The buses were delivered on time as agreed and were perfectly matched to the planned operation.

The delivery to Tammelund also included a total of 360 kW of charging power from YES-EU. The charging subsidiary, Enerqo, supplied a unit of 360 kW smart charging systems with a total number of 6 charging guns. This system is equipped with high-level charging technology and has impressive features such as: Dual charging, preheating support functions, OCPP 1.6, power allocation, automatic charge start, etc.

Tammelundin Liikenne has also signed a full service contract for the buses for a comprehensive term of 10 years, reaffirming its confidence in YES-EU and its capabilities. During the term of the full service contract, the buses are expected to achieve an impressive mileage of 1 million kilometres or more. This significant agreement demonstrates that YES-EU ‘s growing services and presence in the market are accepted and supported by customers.