YES-EU Delivers a Total of 88 E12 First Ever Electric Buses to City of  Bergen

Bergen, Norway


On Monday, 7 September 2020, YES-EU delivered the first eight electric buses to the City of Bergen. A total of 88 YES-EU E-12 electric buses rolled ashore on Norwegian soil from China and entered service on 1 December.

The electric buses, with a battery capacity of 422 kWh and 34 seats, were driven from Jekteviken to a temporary car park in Kokstadflatenwill after customs clearance.


Bergen to become a sustainable city

With this purchase, Bergen is making public transport more sustainable and significantly promoting the city’s transformation towards a healthier living environment. The total CO2 emission saving from this contract is estimated at an impressive 85 per cent. Each bus that is converted from diesel to electricity saves about 50 tonnes of CO2 per year.

At Mannsverk, the charging stations were installed and the depot was converted for electric operation. The advantage of electric buses goes beyond the environmental benefits. Both drivers, passengers and the neighbours of the depot will experience a new and better everyday life.



Less pollution and a better quality of life for Bergen

With this delivery, there are now over 100 buses in Bergen that will soon make the city emission-free.

The fact that the bus system in Mannsverk is now fully electric also shows a rapid development of the technology. Electric buses further contribute to achieving the goal of an emission-free society. It is fantastic for the climate, but also for the population in the form of less air pollution and noise.